Custom branded virtual environments for biotechnology product launches and technical workshops


About Bioshowcase

Bioshowcase provides flexible, branded and customisable branded online virtual environments for launching and showcasing your biotechnology-related products or services.

Why use a generic webinar or conferencing platform when you can have full branding control, trackable asset downloads and detailed lead scoring all within your own custom environment?

Backed by Bitesize Bio

This service is provided by Bitesize Bio, and access to our technical and production expertise, as well as our vast scientific audience comes as part of the package.



  • Single presentations, conferences, workshops hosted inside your branded environment
  • Display your marketing collateral within the environment to increase engagement
  • Presentation is hosted on your custom subdomain on or can be deployed to your own URL


  • All user engagement can be tracked for powerful marketing insights
  • Lead scoring according to your chosen criteria so top prospects can be easily identified for followup
  • A seamless and prestigious environment within which to connect with prospects, rather than inviting them to generic conferencing platforms.


  • Full production support from our PhD scientists and technical experts
  • We can help with everything from a simple presentation to storyboarding complex workshops and series
  • Your presentations will be promoted to hundreds of thousands of researchers via the Bitesize Bio community

Let's discuss how we can showcase your products and services.